Here are a few words from actual Alpha & Omega customers and graduates:


Ray is outstanding. Very good with reading a dog and working with a dog safely. High-key recommend him for any training you’re needing.
— Craig Johnson
“I don’t let just anyone take care of my fur babies!! Had a relaxing week away knowing Alpha & Omega was taking care of our 5 month old Goldendoodle! Plus side: he came home walking great on his leash and sitting on command. Can’t wait to see what his future training brings. Thank you for treating my dog like your own!”
— Megan Herrmann
Great establishment with a great trainer. Ray knows dogs and knows the best way to aproach the needs of the clients and dogs he is working with. Not only does he know how to train the dog, but he knows how to train the owner.
— Nico Cayetano
I have had my dog Nina since February. She is a 3yr old pitbull/bulldog mix. Sweet girl, but she definitely has her moments with aggression, especially toward other dogs. The best decision I have made was working with Ray and Karli. They are passionate about training your dog and educating the owner. After my first session with Ray, I [saw] huge improvements with Nina. Pitbulls get a bad wrap saying they are aggressive and cant be trained ... well I have witnessed firsthand that they can.
— Kimberly Marie
A big thank you to Ray and Karli and their team for putting together an individualized plan for my 12 year old golden retriever, Chase. They came out twice a day to work with Chase going up and down steps of our new condo. Within 4 days Chase was going up and down the steps and as my new neighbor said to me today he looks like he is smiling! This was all done with positive reinforcement and also the love for the dogs they work with. Thanks so much!
— Melinda Brooks
Ray and I have worked long and hard preparing Hugo for the first of many Schutzhund titles! [...] I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else ... and I couldn’t have gotten here without Ray.
— Lauren Kennish
This kind of work take real dedication and caring for the animals and the people who rely on them. You show this in all you do.
— Joan Romano
Ray is one of the best! He’s a very dedicated and humble man and the passion for his work speaks for itself. Highly recommend him!
— Stephen Sundquist
I have known many dog trainers over the past 40+ years, but Ray is the finest I have ever met. He is so patient with this old handler [...] my Doberman, Ava, loves seeing him ... I would highly recommend Alpha & Omega to anyone that wants to improve their relationship with their dog.”
— Amy Levine-Brittin
Ray is a talented & passionate professional. His years of experience are reflected in his dedication to his craft. He applies proven training techniques in a customized approach geared to the individual needs of his clients. He trained our beloved Nas, an 80 pound pit bull, to be gentle, obedient, and respectful to people of all ages, other dogs, and cats. Whether you are looking for basic obedience training or someone to address a more difficult dog, you will be very pleased with the way Ray will train both you and your dog!
— Michael and Debi Kenney
Best training program I have ever witnessed. They got our dog’s behavior changed in a week! You can tell they truly care about helping people establish a healthy relationship with their dog. I highly recommend them for any training needs you may have!
— Krissy Finore